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Does your oboe or English horn need maintenance or repair?

1. Schedule an appointment

Text Noelle at 614.202.7088 or send an email to providing:

All customers are seen by appointment only, Tuesday-Friday

2. Drop off your Instrument

At your scheduled appointment time, be sure to communicate any and all concerns. Noelle will inspect the instrument, recommend a repair plan, and provide you with an initial estimate on cost and turnaround time.

Projects fall into one of two categories:

* If you cannot be without an oboe during the time your instrument is being worked on, please inquire about Noelle's rental oboe.

3. Pick up and Payment

When you return to pick up your instrument, feel free to play test it for a minute or so. Always let Noelle know if you still have any concerns.

For payment on repairs, Noelle's Oboe Workshop accepts check, PayPal, and credit cards.

Every instrument that comes through Noelle's Oboe Workshop is play-tested and properly adjusted by Noelle to ensure an optimal set up!

Noelle's Oboe Workshop

Download PDF files:

Standard Services Offered

Basic Oboe Maintenance Information

Crack Prevention Guidelines

Suggestions for Water Prevention in Tone Holes

How to Properly Ship an Oboe

I want your instrument to be in great shape, so you can relax and play your best!

Noelle has been repairing oboes and English horns for over a decade. Her clients include members of the National Symphony Orchestra, Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra, the DC premier military bands, and other local professionals, as well as students and hobbyists throughout the region, and around the country via shipping. She was a featured guest on the podcast "Not Your Average Musician" where she discussed her oboe repair story among other topics. Noelle has also appeared as a repair specialist at double reed day events, and has given college master class presentations.

Lee Lachman Woodwind Services

She was incredibly fortunate to begin her repair training as an apprentice to legendary woodwind master Lee Lachman. Noelle began working at Lee Lachman's Woodwind Services in 2012. She worked at Lee's in College Park for a decade as their double reed repair specialist, while additionally working on flutes, saxophones, and clarinets as needed. (Picture from Lee Lachman's Woodwind Services, 2015: Noelle, Lee Lachman, and Patrick Plunk)

During the pandemic, Noelle built a repair shop in her home in Bowie, MD. She now works exclusively at Noelle's Oboe Workshop, repairing and maintaining oboes and English horns.