Used Oboes & English Horns For Sale

Noelle often has used instruments for sale at her workshop in Bowie, MD. All instruments listed have been repaired and setup by Noelle and are ready to be played. Please contact her by email at or call/text her cell at 614.202.7088 for questions, inquriries, or to set up a trial.

Also, if you have a used instrument that you'd like to sell on consignment with Noelle, please send her a detailed email.

All clients are seen by appointment only. Appointments are only offered during business hours, Tuesday through Friday, and availability varies week to week.

* The shop entrance is located on the garage side of the house. When you arrive, please park on the street, walk up the driveway and knock on the side door.

Loree AK

Serial# QY4x - Used full conservatory AK Loree oboe

This professional level oboe was purchased used from a reputable dealer in 2016 by one of my students, and I have maintained it since: it’s in great shape! Comes with the hard and soft Loree cases, and a refillable Loree cork grease container.

Asking $5,200


Serial# HV2x - Used full conservatory Loree oboe

What makes this one great? It was fully disassembled, cleaned and polished, so it looks like new. All of the adjustment screws have been retrofitted with Teflon tips, so it’s quiet. The trill tone holes have been replaced, so you don’t have to worry about future cracks there. It has a beautiful new case & case cover. And it’s a Loree in perfect adjustment, so it sounds great!

This instrument would be perfect for a serious student who is ready to upgrade to a professional model, but isn’t ready to buy a brand new oboe.

Asking $4,200

Hans Kreul Mirafone

Serial# 4641x - Used wooden full conservatory system Kreul Miraphone oboe

On Peter Hurd’s website of various brands and commentary, he says these “oboes have a beautiful, sumptuous, dark sound brimming with personality. Very "forgiving" to play and locks in on pitch centers. Built to "withstand nuclear attack." Keywork is of a much harder alloy than the usual French oboes… Excellent value for the money”

This was a “backup instrument” to a newer Loree, and the owner has decided they no longer need both. I fully disassembled and cleaned everything, then replaced all the pads, key corks, and tenon corks.

It has “all the keys” including the 3rd octave, left F, split D, XF resonance, articulated C#, low Bb & Bb vent…

Asking $2,000

Marigaux 901

Serial# 3309x - Used full conservatory Marigaux 901 oboe

Comes in the original hard case, and has a nice Loree case cover.

This instrument would be perfect for a serious student who is ready to upgrade to a professional model, but isn’t ready to buy a brand new oboe.


Loree English Horn

Serial# DT2x - Used Loree full conservatory English horn

This instrument plays great and the keywork is pristine (no pitting whatsoever). It comes with two bocals (a Loree no 1 & 2) and is housed in a solid ProTec double case with outside pocket and neck strap. It also comes with a fleet of accessories including an oboe & English horn instrument stand, neck strap, cigarette paper, cork grease, swab and feather.